Our client was using a legacy contact center solution for all their customer complaints and trouble tickets.


Using an agile approach, we developed a simple MVP within 90 days on the secure FedRAMP compliant Salesforce platform. We migrated all the existing data and built upon the minimum viable product (MVP) by adding in “Amazon” checkout workflows, community client portal, real-time reports and analytics, and overall business process modernization and automation using out of the box and configured Salesforce platform. This app is a turn-key solution that we can start fresh with the initial MVP and build upon any customer’s requirements. Here are the benefits of our world class product that is being used to today with a Federal Agency:

  • Secure FedRAMP compliant Salesforce platform (FedRAMP High Compliant)
  • Existing MVP ready to go on day 1
  • Workflows, notifications, reports, dashboards, and automation
  • Call center automation
  • An AI-based engine for predictive analytics, machine learning, etc. that is constantly being updated by Salesforce including Einstein Bot
  • Playbooks for all agile process, devops, agile stories and configuration, and more reusable templates are ready to go with our ultimate goal to have a pilot solution ready to be deployed within 30-90 days based on the complexity of requirements

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