Our client was using a manual paper and pen process that involved signing agreements between various organizations for the procurement of products and services. Management couldn’t view reports to make better business decisions, and their stream of revenues and clients were moving to another provider of services. In addition, their contact center was in need of modernization to automate website visitors into their contact call centers and needed a way to track and manage service desk related cases, leads for new business opportunities and general oversight.


The solution involved first a discovery and audit phase of the overall business and sales process. Salesforce was chosen as a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) solution to augment the business and sales process and met all the security compliance and requirements (FedRAMP, etc.). The data capture from the sales process made the overall business process streamlined and enhanced the business in terms of the customer experience. This provide an overall improvement in business efficiency and a streamlined approach to doing business. The contact center was modernized and optimized and using AI-based workflows to automate human functions and provide overall workflow and business process automation.